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Sheet Ditch Cleaner

Ditch Cleaner is a trill for ditches for the professional maintenance of canals, and for creating small drainage channels. The frame is made of steel, and it is composed by three spatulas each one equipped with three tungsten carbide blades. There is also a safety adjustable deflector and an adjustable slide. It is used for the maintenance of the bottom of ditches, where it is necessary to shred and remove reeds, shrubs, and debris. In this way water weeds are completely removed. Moreover, it is used to clean the bottom of canals from mud and sediment, making the water to flow better. This kind of activity is very important to avoid the stuck of canals due to the vegetation. This trill handles up to 39370 ft of natural ditches per hour with a maximum cleaning depth of 17 in. The tool is suitable to all the telescopic arms of ILF self-propelled hydrostatic machines.

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