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Cutter Discs Bar

Saw Bar cutter discs bar is a professional cutting bar for forestry works, ideal to cut trees and trunks up to a maximum diameter of 6 in. The structure of the tool consists of a frame made of high-strength steel that can set from 2 to 5 discs, also in tempered steel. Rotating discs can have a diameter from 24 to 35 in and are driven by a hydraulic gear motor through a belt-drive transmission.

The working width can vary between 43 and 60 in. This professional equipment has been designed to be applied to any telescopic arm in the Energreen self-propelled machines ILF range. Powerful and efficient, this saw bar is the best when it comes to high tops pruning as in green maintenance along roads and highways. Indeed, it is possible to hydraulically adjust the bar inclination, for easily working in different directions to reach even the most internal branches.

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