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Flail mower

New Speed flail mower is a sturdy and reliable tool, ideal for cutting grass and shrubs up to a diameter of 3,14 in. The equipment is made of high strenght steel to ensure durability and reliability. There are two available sizes of 47 in and 59 in, and the mower can be equipped with five different types of rotors which allow to work in different contexts, from green maintenance to foresty works: articulated flails, Y-shape blade, half-turn flails, forestry hammers and turning hammers. Each rotor is interchangeable and can be easily replaced by a single operator. The rotor can reach a rotation speed up to 3000 rpm in both directions.
The combination with the 180° rotator unit (optional) allows to boost the productivity.

Working hours are optimized as the machine – thanks to the rotator unit – can work in both directions cancelling downtime due to maneuvers and halving consumptions. With a traditional agriculture tractor equipped with a telescopic arm it is necessary to put the machine in the starting position every time in order to cut in the right direction. The adjustable support roller makes the equipment versatile and functional, allowing the operator to choose the height of the cut according to the needs required by the situation.

This grass cutting head can be equipped with a chain protection to protect against the projection of debris and material. New Speed cutting head is a real flagship product of Energreen Professional Equipment range, and it is suitable with all the self-propelled ILF machines. The self-propelled, with their telescopic arms of different lengths, can reach even the most difficult areas. This grass cutting head is the best for land reclamation activity, green maintenance along banks, canals, and ditches. It is excellent also for the maintenance along routes, streets, and highways.

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