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A professional machines range

Energreen offers a wide range of technologically advanced professional machines for the green care and protection of the environment
which respond to the modern security and performance requirements of the market.

Human and Nature

Since the beginning, man has looked for the best tools to better enjoy his relationship with Nature.
The several needs of both must be constantly cultivated to ensure a peaceful and wonderful future.
Respecting the environment means respecting ourselves!

New Remote Controlled
Tool Carrier

RoboEVO is a remote-controlled tools-carrier machine able to work in the narrowest areas,
on slopes up to 55° or where the access is very difficult. RoboEVO can carry different tools:
it is a multifunctional robot equipped with a 40 HP Stage V diesel engine
and two double effect hydraulic functions.

Evolution of RoboGREEN, the most popular radio-controlled machine in the world, the new RoboEVO tool carrier satisfies and answers to the most demanding needs with attention, experience and care to details. With its power, performances, reliability and strength
RoboEVO is completely different from other remote-controlled machines.

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New Self-Propelled
Hydrostatic Machine
ILF Alpha


Energreen ILF Alpha is a professional mulcher that, thanks to its innovative technological content, offers unprecedented performance, great flexibility and optimal operating safety. The self-propelled machine is equipped with a telescopic arm on which it is possible to apply several professional equipment in addition to the classic cutting head.

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Energreen ILF Alpha